The model Fabrica will be facelifted , its coming soon back to the market . 

Fabrica  ensures safe and smooth operation. It is perfect for every kind of work, filling, shadows, lines.

Fabrica Turanium machine is equipped with an RCA connector, which provides excellent conductivity, constant voltage, and inability to reverse the polarity on the connector.

The machine is equipped with a well-known Swiss MAXON motor 6W.

Stroke is 3.6mm in standard.

The machine frame formed from a single piece of high-grade aluminum, machined by CNC 3D.

The recommended operating voltage 7.5-8.5 Volts.

As with any rotary machine, we recommend the use of professional power supplies for tattooing. These power supplies deliver a constant, stable power and a clean signal, which maximizes and enhances the engine.

The machine has been designed for classic needles and tubes, tattoo, but also works well with needles modular.

Technical data:

Ratio: Linear Drive System

Stroke: 3.6 mm

Engine: Maxon 6W

Frame: Aluminium CNC milled 3D - a particular color anodised


For spareparts or garanty problem please contact us at the


User Manual: 

The FABRICA  tattoo machine works properly between 6.5 - 9  Volt. In order to maintain a perfect electrical contact it includes a RCA connector to minimise the risk caused by wrong polarity or poor contact. The Clipcord is optional . 

We ask you to use the device only with a high-quality power supply; the signal provided by cheap, fake tattoo machines is weak, or not "clean" enough, therefore reduces the engine's lifespan, generates impairment and overheating! The power supplies - tested by the supplier - have 3 Ampere load ability and digitally controlled. These maximise the engine's lifespan.

Please use high-quality, single use needles with the Fabrica tattoo machines, which are bended at the needle shaft, as it shown on the photo below:


To ensure even weight distribution, pliancy and maximum hygiene we recommend the use of disposable grips!

Fabrica has been designed for standard needles . We disclaim   any problems   with any kind of cartridge system needles .


At moment the Fabrica having available in 5  different color:


Ice Flame           -   


Space Velvet      -    


Hedonist Blood  -     


Martian Gold       -   

Rusty Moon -





Periodic lubrication:

Please disassemble the tattoo machine in every six months as it shown on the photos below, then clean the bearing and slider with a soft lint-free cloth, finally put a drop of silicone grease on them!


Assemble it, then through the back of the machine dribble one or two drops silicone oil to the bottom and sides of the slider!

Standard lubrication:

One or two drops of oil to the bottom or side of the slide.

The frequency of lubrication or the due date of the periodic maintenance depends on the strain, the manufacturer is irresponsible for any fault resulting from improper maintenance!

Enjoy our product!